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Frenchtown Montana
A Community of Champions
Welcome to the Frenchtown Community Coalition

To create a healthy, engaged and unified community for the youth of Frenchtown, MT

Mission: To build and maintain a supportive environment for collaborative and proactive work to help prevent substance abuse and risk behaviors, including but not limited to alcohol and marijuana, and grow healthy and resilient children in the Frenchtown Community.
Anyone can be a part of the Community Coalition.  To learn more, please come to one of our monthly board  meetings.  Meetings are the third Thursday of each month at Frenchtown High School, Room 208 at noon.     Please LIKE us on Facebook to stay informed of our activities. 
Goal One    Increase Community Collaboration Use media and outreach to publish coalition events to all members of the Frenchtown Community Network with other community groups & sector representatives Provide outreach to community Provide opportunities for meaningful involvement for coalition members.
Goal Two      Reduce Youth Use of Alcohol & Marijuana Educate alcohol retailers Increase enforcement strategies Publicize law enforcement activities & consequences of use Enact policy change Engage in media advocacy around risk of substance use Sponsor substance free & prevention activities Provide appropriate and accessible materials to parents
Many states and local agencies have adopted the  Risk and Protective Factor Model to guide their  prevention efforts.  The Risk and Protective model of  prevention is based on the simple premise that to  prevent a problem from happening, we need to identify  the factors that increase the risk of that problem  developing and then find ways to reduce the risks.   Just as medical researchers have found risk factors for  heart disease such as diets high in fat, lack of exercise,  and smoking, a team of researchers at the University of  Washington have defined a set of risk factors for youth  problem behaviors.  Risk factors are characteristics of  students and their peer groups that are known to  predict increased likelihood of drug use, delinquency,  school dropout, teen pregnancy, and violent behavior  among youth.  These factors are represented on  student surveys provided every even year to our  students to compare our student responses to the  State of Montana and Nationally. 
Be in the know!” Download your copy of the Community Report Card Today.  The Report Card is a clear picture of our community through the eyes of students! What are the attitudes towards alcohol in our students, in our community, our schools, and among parents? Being informed is a large part of being able to prevent alcohol and drugs from becoming an epidemic with our students!