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Youth Action Committee
The Frenchtown Youth Action Committee Frenchtown is proud of itís Frenchtown Youth who volunteer their time to be a positive voice to students. EVERYONE IS INVITED!!  High School Youth Action Committee  meets every other Wednesday at 11:40 in room 208.  Junior High Youth Action Committee meets every Thursday at 12:30  in the 8th grade common area   Like Chess?  Join the Chess Club every Thursday starting September 15th in the 8th grade common area.(Junior High Only)   Get Your Bronc Spirit Cards High school students only  5 punches= small prize 7 punches= enter to win grand prizes (gift cards)  Get involved in monthly events such as: Red Ribbon Week Reality Wall  Guest Speakers National Prevention Week
Frenchtown Community Coalition
Your Choices Matter
Sticker Shock Campaign Sticker Shock is a community awareness campaign designed to educate those who might purchase alcohol and illegally provide it to minors. The project unites youth, business owners, parents and other community representatives in the common goal of reducing underage substance abuse.  During the Sticker Shock Campaign, members of the Frenchtown Youth Action Committee will use bright orange stickers that read “Providing Alcohol to Minors is Illegal! THINK TWICE Up to $1,000 fine and 6 months in jail!” to deter adults from buying alcohol for minors. Stickers are placed on beer and other alcoholic beverage cases , and offered to store employees to wear for the day. The event will take place two times per year during the week leading up to Frenchtown High School’s Homecoming and Prom. The Frenchtown Community Coalition hopes that this event will help to remind our community that there is not a safe way to help youth do something illegal.
Youth Action Committee